Our Process

About Us

We are a flexible art and design studio that works in various styles and mediums in an effort to serve all our clients and collectors needs, which ranges from paintings of your favorite pet, capturing the view from your favorite vacation, bringing a comic book or anime hero to life or creating a design for your new tattoo.

We are always willing to work with clients to meet their highest expectations wether it be through purchasing high quality prints, offering unique apparel, to custom original paintings and illustrations. We look forward to working with you and sharing the Night Owl brand with you and your loved ones.

Nerd Culture

No need in being shy about it we are nerds here at Night Owl and proud of it. We are constantly looking to create original artworks of your favorite TV, Video Game and Comic / Anime hero’s but also check out our other art styles as we have something for everybody

Social Media

Feel free to give us a like and follow on our Social Media pages to stay up to date on the go for our newest creations, purchase prints or request a commission. It’s a good way to check out any sales or give aways we might be doing as well!


If you have a concept or idea and just need a little help bringing it to life we are here to help. We have a diverse background in various art styles to serve all our clients and collectors


Not only do we create art on canvas and paper but on cotton as well! Check out our shop for our newest T-Shirts and Jackets

Various Styles

Night Owl is able to bring your ideas various styles wether it be traditional paintings to a more urban art style we are here to really serve all our clients and collectors to the best of our abilities

Painting & Illustration

Wether it be your favorite comic book hero, that beautiful vacation spot, your beloved pet or just need help creating a tattoo or logo design we are here to help. Using various techniques and styles we can serve all our clients and collectors needs

Our Process

  • Rough Draft

    We start off with a series of sketches to layout composition and color theory to see what will work best based off our ideas and/or our clients feedback

  • Layout

    Taking the best sketch we recreate the best one in more detail to get ready to start the final product for our clients and collectors

  • Create

    Wether it be a painting, logo or tattoo design we begin putting the ink to paper, mouse to screen or paint to canvas to bring our ideas to life

  • Print

    If it’s a print or piece of apparel we recreate certain works for our clients or collectors

  • Ship

    Wether it be a print or an original piece of work we compile orders, secure the contents so they do not get destroyed and send them out to their new homes. We offer affordable shipping options both Domestically and Internationally as well

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